black tree grill 


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                  what  ye  want  ?

Sir Henry Morgan:  meat on a stick or on a bun for you landlubbers!! 

Choices of Meat:

Beef and Rum

BlackBeard: grilled jalapeno (2) or Anaheim pepper filled with cheese and bacon

Back from the dead red: crab cake with fresh herbs and peppers

Sadie the goat:  Goat meat and veggies on a stick

long ben: herbed roasted potatoes on a stick

calico jack salmagundi: stew made from items in the ship's galley

Monte Cristo:  egg-battered, grilled sandwich with ham, turkey and cheese. served with your choice of syrup, jelly or mustard

Red Beard: toasted bagel with smoked salmon, cream cheese and green onion

anne bonny salmagundi: plate of items from ship's galley including smoked salmon, boiled egg, veg, fruit, cheese and cracker

Black Bart: skewer of grilled shrimp

Mary Read: baby shrimp cocktail with cheese and veg

Captain Kidd: for the lads and lassies (kids only)

grilled cheese or turkey dog

choice of booty


gold chocolate coin

Buccaneer: jerky

Queen Anne's Revenge: adult combo meal with entrée, booty, drink and gold chocolate coin

Booty: (sides)

Giant Pickles

boiled egg

whole fruit




ginger brew